ALSscan Girl Franziska Washes The Charger

Today Franziska came over and needed some money. I told her if she would wash my new Dodge Charger I would give her a hundred bucks.

I just wanted to watch this sexy petite thing get naked and get all soapy for my camera. Fraziska got right out of her jeans and tank top and was all over that car like stink on shit. She was naked as a Jaybird and bending her sexy tight body in all directions. Her cute small boobs and smooth shaved pussy looked awesome in the great outdoors. Her naughty bits are highlighted by her really sexy tan lines.

Once she was done with the washing the real show began. Franziska got the big glass dildo off of the passengers seat and started to lick it seductively. She laid out a towel and got down onto it. She first fingered her snatch and then gave herself a royal reaming with the dildo. She had a huge orgasm as she pumped her tight shaved pussy with the big rod and used her other hand to play with her little tits and pinch her nipples. It was another great day in the neighborhood. I got some great, nasty pics and video of the whole sexy scene.

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