Sexy Sandra Shine Naked & Fisted

When Sandra Shine contacted us at ALS (All Ladies Shaved) and told us she wanted to model for us I almost lost my load right then and there. I had been admiring this sexy beauty for a couple of years on the Internet and in men’s magazines like Hustler, Club, Penthose, and many more. She had been a very busy girl.

When Sandra Shine showed up for her first round of shoots she looked awesome. Her face was just glowing with anticipation as to what we might have in store for her naughty body. She looked so innocent and sweet with bows in her hair, a tight light pink tank top, and very snug white denim shorts. She was bra-less and her big natural tits hung nicely under her shirt. We chatted for a bit about what we were going to be doing in the shoots for today.

We got the first shoot started outside in the back yard. Sandra smiled big and gave me some sexy poses in the clothes she came over in. I told her, lets see those nice tits. She pulled up her tank top just above her big boobs. I could see that she was already turned on because her nipples were perky and hard already and she hadn’t even touched them yet. She reached down, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. I could see that her pussy was clean and freshly shaved as she opened up the front of her shorts. She was not wearing any panties. I told her to go ahead and take off your shirt and shorts. It was a delight to watch this awesome woman as she got nude. The sight of her totally naked body was breathtaking. She took off her high heels and now she was all natural in the afternoon sun.

Sandra smiled and started to rub her pussy. She squatted down on the lawn lounge chair, leaned forward showing off her incredible big boobs. She squeezed her fun bags together with her arms as they hung down and giggled as she shook her shoulders from side to side. Damn, she looked so fucking sexy. Sandra rolled over and got on her hands and knees with her nice round ass towards me and the camera. She arched her back giving me a nice clear view of her amazing butt spokes and tight teen pussy lips. I told her to put her head down and get into the face down, buns up position. Wow, did she look nasty in that waiting to be fucked from behind position.

My shooting assistant for the day was a skinny little blonde teen and she was already naked as she worked with the equipment. She was getting turned on watching Sandra getting nasty with herself. I could tell that she wanted to get more involved.

I asked Sandra if she thought she could take a fist in her tight little coochie. She said she was willing to give it a try. My assistant got the lube out and took it over to Sandra. Sandra was already wet and had already put four of her own fingers in her shaved pussy and was getting warmed up. She squeezed out a bunch of lube all over my assistants hand and forearm. She rubbed and stroked it up and down like a huge cock getting the lube rubbed in. No that everything and everyone was prepped it was time to get down to the dirty action. Sandra held her arm with both hands as the petite blonde started to insert her fingers inside Sandra’s cunt. Her four fingers quickly disappeared into her love canal. Then her thumb was gone. She started to pump and suddenly her whole hand just popped in. Sandra was wreathing in ecstasy as she took that fist and half of her forearm deep as I have ever seen any girl get fisted. Sandra screamed and then melted onto the lounge as she had multiple orgasms.

It was a very nice and nasty first shoot for Sandra Shine. I could tell that the rest of the shoots that day were going to be a lot of fun.

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