ALS Angel Tiffany Nasty Brunette Bottle Fucker

This is Tiffany from ALS Angels. She is a hot and sexy brunette that loves nasty sex and showing off her bad ass naughty body.

Nella came over to assist me on my shooting day with new ALS girl Tiffany. I think Nella really liked this girl and just wanted to see if she could hustle her into the sack for herself.

Tiffany looked so sexy in her orange velour shirt, blue denim mini skirt, and sheer white panties. I could see her pussy lips right through her panties as she sat down and spread her legs. She has a beautiful big smile and a great nasty attitude. She stood up and took off her denim skirt. She has awesome sexy hips and an incredible ass on her. She squats down and spreads her legs wide. Even though she still had her thong pantie on, you could clearly see her smooth shaved cunt and nasty butt spokes. Fucking incredible!

Tiffany stood up, turned around and gave me a great profile of her meaty butt cheeks. That ass looked so fantastic in that white thong. I was amazed as she slid the thong panty down over her hips, ass cheeks, legs, and feet as she took it off. She spread her legs wide, crouched down and pulled her ass and shaved pussy wide open for my camera. Damn, that looks so fine.

Once she was sitting down on the chair Nella handed her the lubed up clear bottle. Tiffany wasted no time shoving it deep into her tight cunt. She slide it in and out like a real cock as she moaned with delight. Nella thought she might need some help and made her way over next to Tiffany. Nella reached down and spread Tiffany’s cunt hole open wider as she thrust-ed the clear bottle in and out. After Tiffany had a big orgasm, the two of them disappeared into my bedroom and I didn’t see them for hours. Looks like Nella got her wish. hehe.

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