Sandy Fists Peaches At The Pool

Sandy brought her sexy friend Peaches over to lay out by the pool today. Watching these two hot mamas laying in the hot sun in their bikinis was driving me crazy. I just had to bust out the camera and get some pics.

The girls didn’t even know I was photographing them in the beginning. Once they saw me with camera they just had to put on a show for me. I wasn’t complaining, that is for sure.

Sandy, who was already naked went into the house to get more drinks for all of us. Meanwhile Peaches started to tease me and the camera as she flashed her tits and pussy as she played with her bikini top and bottom. After Peaches took her bikini off and was nude she laid back down on the pool lounge and gave me an awesome solo girl show as I clicked away. She lifted her legs straight up in the air and spread her shaved pussy and ass open wide for me. Then she rolled over onto her stomach and reared back sticking her amazing ass right in my face. Incredible stuff right there.

Sandy returned with our drinks, then jumped into the action with Peaches. I knew before she even came back that we were likely to see some nasty fisting action with these two. I knew from our past shoots that Sandy loves to be fisted and loves to fist other girls for the first time. Peaches was a fisting virgin, so she was prime for Sandy’s taking.

First Sandy put her four fingers in Peaches mouth and tried to fist her mouth and throat. She pushed her fist as far in as she could gagging Peaches. She pulled it out and Peaches spit all over Sandy’s hand before sandy started to push her fingers into Peaches juicy wet pussy. She worked fingers in slowly at first getting Peaches warmed up and ready for the whole hand deal. Then in went the thumb too. A few short thrusts and Sandy’s whole hand disappeared into Peaches shaved cunt. Sandy worked her over good and long pumping her arm feverishly as Peaches wreathed in ecstasy finally having orgasm after quivering orgasm.

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