ALSscan Mili Fisted By ALSscans Nella

ALSscan Nella brought over a new cute, sexy teen today to be her next fisting victim. ALSscan Mili is a sexy, petite little brunette cutie with beautiful eyes, a great smile, fantastic little tits, hard pencil eraser nipples, and a tight teen shaved pussy. She is perfect for All Ladies Shaved and she is ready and willing to do whatever we throw at her and her nasty hard body.

ALSscan Nella got Mili suited up in a tiny little sheer red micro bikini and brought her out by the pool. My jaw dropped as I got my first look at this sexy little lady. Mili is the definition of perfect teen girl. I couldn’t wait to see her nude goodies.

We spent a little time talking about what we were going to be doing during the pics and video shoot that we had planned. Mili sat in a chair by the pool. She was squirming as we discussed all of the sexy, nasty things that were planned for her and Nella. Mili’s nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through the sheer fabric of her red micro bikini top.

Time to get started I said. I just started shooting pics of ALSscan Mili sitting in the chair as she moved around into a few different positions. I could see that her shaved pussy was already wet and had drenched her thong bikini bottom crotch. I could see her pussy lips very clearly through the wet sheer fabric. She squatted down and spread her legs a little. What a nasty camel toe the micro bikini made as it squeezed between her wet juicy cunt lips. The tiny bikini top barely covered her little hard nipples on her perky teen boobs.

Mili tuned around and gave me a fantastic view of her firm round ass. The thong bikini looked so awesome with just the string back riding up between her deep tanned ass cheeks. Mili reached back and started to untie her bikini top as she swayed from side to side. Such a fucking sexy tease. She turned around and continued to take off her bikini top. Once she was topless Mili smiled real big and played with her beautiful brunette hair. She reached down and pulled her micro bikini bottom together like a string and pulled it up deep between her shave pussy lips. That was a smoking hot, nasty camel toe right there. Then she just took of her thong all together.

Now that Mili was totally nude she turned around with her butt toward me and the camera. She reached back with both hands and gaped her shaved cunt and ass hole wide open as she leaned forward. As you can see her pussy was dripping wet in anticipation of what was to come. Mili sat back down on the chair, She lifted her leg high in the air and spread and fingered her wet pussy while Nella got ready to give her what she came for.

ALSscan Nella walked over to Mili carrying a bottle of sex lube. Nella was already naked as a jaybird and ready for some nasty, kinky action with Mili. Nella told Mili to spread and pull both legs up high and wide. Nella squeezed a bunch of lube onto Mili’s spread shaved snatch and her own hand. She started to rub Mili’s pussy and clit. Once the lube was well spread Nella started to insert her fingers into Mili’s tight cunt. She took it slow at first inserting another finger and reaming her coochie for a while before adding another finger.

Once she had all four fingers inside Mili’s snatch, Nella started to pump her harder, stimulating her clitoris with her fingers on her other hand. Mili was thoroughly enjoying everything that Nella was giving her. Her pussy was just gushing lube and pussy juices and she was smiling and moaning loudly. Nella pushed harder and put her thumb in her cunt along with her four fingers. She pumped hard but Mili’s tight pussy just wouldn’t take her hand past the knuckles. Nella was patient and just kept at it. Finally Nella’s hand disappeared all the way inside Mili’s tight teen pussy. Mili had orgasm after orgasm as Nella fisted her and rubbed and slapped her clit and pussy.

ALSscan Nella, the undisputed queen of ALS fist fucking successfully takes another fisting virgin. ALSscan Mili is now a proud ALS fisting pro. Off she goes floating away naked in the pool after her first nasty photo and video shoot. What an awesome nasty teen girl she is. We love it!

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