ALSscan Ember Corn Cob Masturbation

Here we have another ALSscan classic set of the beautiful blonde babe Ember getting really nasty in the kitchen.

Naughty girl Ember is up to no good in the kitchen. She looks so hot and sexy in her tight pink Body Alive shorts and blue sports bra style shirt. Her tight shorts make a fantastic fat camel toe out of her plump shaved pussy lips. First she takes off her sports top getting topless showing off her perfect perky tits. Then she pulls down her short shorts and shows us her smooth shave pussy. She spreads her labia open with her fingers and she is already wet.

Once she is nude Ember gets up on the kitchen counter and spreads her legs. She looks so sexy and nasty as she pulls her cunt lips open with her fingers. Then she starts to fuck herself with her fingers as she pumps her tight wet pussy. Ember is not fulfilled with her fingers so she grabs an ear of corn off of the counter. She lubes up the corn cob with her spit and cunt juices. Then she seductively works the ear of corn into her shaved vagina. She takes the whole ear of corn all of the way deep into her young cunt and pumps it like a monster cock until she cums. I hope you enjoy these classic ALS pics of Ember ramming her tight cunt with an ear of corn.


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