Teen Girl Jordan Digs The ALSscan Speculum

Cute & Naughty is a good way to describe hot blonde teen girl Jordan. She looks so sweet and innocent as she kneels down on the bed in her pink tank top and white mini skirt.


Looks can be deceiving though as we find out with Jordan. This 19 year old teen babe really knows how to party hardcore and we catch all of her nasty sexcapades in high resolution pics and high definition video for you.

First Jordan pulls up her mini skirt to show us that she is not wearing any panties. What an awesome shaved pussy on this girl. Then she pulls down her blouse flashing her titties for the camera. After she removes her shirt, Jordan works on getting out of her little mini skirt. She takes it off slowly as we get great shots of her little tits, shaved pussy, and nice round little ass.

Now that Jordan is nude, we show her the clear plastic speculum and explain to her how to use it. She giggles as she inserts the speculum deep inside her tight, shaved, teen vagina. She squeezes the handles hard and opens up her tight young cunt wide so that we can get some closeup shots of the inside of her vagina and cervix. She pulled the speculum out of her cunt while it was still open all of the way. Her tight teen pussy snapped back closed immediately like it was made of elastic rubber. Damn, we love that tight teen pussy!



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