Sexy Teen Jewel Affair Finally Ready For ALS Release

Introducing Jewel Affair. She was a hot teen brunette with a beautiful smile and nice puffy nipples back in 2004 when ALS shot her. Finally all of the paperwork is in order and they are ready release her sets in the members area.

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This first quote is from the ALS Directors Blog October 19th, 2006:

“On November 17th 2004 we shot a model called Jewel Affair. We booked her through what we assumed was a reliable adult modeling agency from Las Vegas.

When Jewel arrived at the shoot we naturally examined her IDs. She presented a color copy of her New York Drivers License. The ID stated that her name was Jessica Zender and that her age was 23 years old. Upon our initial unqualified examination it looked a little like her but not enough to make me satisfied. We faxed the IDs to our attorney for further examination and proceeded with the shoot. The shoot went well and we had just wrapped up the 5th scene with one more scene to go when our attorney showed up to the shoot location. He said that he was not comfortable with the IDs, and demanded that the shoot stop immediately. We stopped the shoot, paid her, and sent her on her way with the promise that she would get her agent to mail us better copies of her IDs and sign a statement to verify that he has examined the originals.

We were very confident that she was at least 18 years old as she had been working in porn for several months and many other photographers had shot photos and video of her. The next day we sent all of her documentation to a Certified Forensic Document Examiner (CFDE) for signature validation (which is what we do for every model that we shoot). Two days later we received verbal notification from the CFDE that the Drivers License ID did not match the other signatures “They were not written in the same hand”. We immediately notified her modeling agent of this fact, however they continued to book work for her. About a week passes and I happened to be watching Americas Most Wanted on Television (Which I may watch 2 or 3 times a year max) and they featured a story about Kimberly Alvarado and her sister Marissa Pomarico. When they showed a picture of Marissa Pomarico, there was no doubt in my mind that this was Jewel Affair. I could not believe what I was seeing. Apparently Marissa’s older sister Kimberly had allegedly kidnapped her own two children for which she had lost custody of and fled across the country. Marissa (Jewel Affair) allegedly aided her in these abductions. So it seems that Jewel Affair was using a fake ID not to hide her age, but rather to disguise her identity. We tracked down her real identify through her arrest records and her real age at the time of her ALS Shoot was 19 years old. Since we shot her before the June 23, 2005, United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257 requirements dictate we can only legally release tame shots of her. We shot her full ALS style, of course, but without having her proper IDs on file we cannot release anything that is considered explicit even though it can be legally proven through her arrest records that she was 19 years old at the time of our shoot.”

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This quote is from the ALS Directors Blog March 17th, 2009:

“After I wrote that blog entry, we hired a private investigator to try and track down Jewel Affair so that we could get her to sign our contracts and provide her IDs using her real identity; not the fake name and IDs she used at the time of her ALS shoot. After a few months of searching and thousands of dollars spent, he was unable to locate her and track her down. At that point we gave up and simply considered her shoot a loss. Then about 2 months ago I was surfing Facebook and decided to do a search on her name, and I could not believe it actually returned an entry. So I emailed Jewel Affair and she responded. We started talking by phone and she was very interested in resolving this and closing the deal. You see we still owed her some money from her shoot, which she needs. So we went back and forth and it started to get complicated because she hired a lawyer to try and get more money from the deal “since she was famous”. We did not budge and held firm to the original terms of the shoot contract. I cannot blame her for trying to get more money, hell I probably would have done the same. I have to say that she is a super nice girl, we talked for a long time and I really like her. In the end, she agreed to the terms and we got our IDs and contracts and she got her money.

Before she was arrested, she had worked in the adult industry for about 2 months and did 20-30 different shoots; she used her fake IDs for all of that work. ALS Scan is the only adult company in the world that has the legal right and documents to be able to release any of her 2004 work. Her ALS shoot was fantastic, and Jewel is a very hot model. We are excited to finally be able to release her shoot (photos and video) to our great members. I have scheduled her release for May 6th. In the meantime, here are some shots from 2 of her 5 scenes that Jewel Affair shot with ALS Scan. She was 19 years old at the time of the shoot.

Jewel is a good person. She got caught up in her older sister’s troubles and she was only trying to do what she thought was best for her sister and her niece. Since then, she has stayed out of trouble and lived a good clean life. Jewel just had a baby girl and she is so happy to be a mother. This shoot has been a long time coming!!!”

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