ALSscan Passion Paradise 2011 Kacey Jordan Pumped Up

Now we all know Kacey Jordan has one of the biggest puffy pussies in porn, but this scene from ALSscan Passion Paradise 2011 brings the term BIG PUFFY PUSSY to a whole new level.

Sara Jaymes nude rubbing Kacey Jordan's fat puffy pussy in the sunshine. ALSscan Passion Paradise 2011 Sara Jaymes licks Kacey Jordan's super puffy pumped up pussy lips.

Oh my God! Kacey Jordan and Sara Jaymes are looking hotter than ever in the Caribbean as Sara rubs Kacey’s big, plump shaved pussy in the outdoor shower at the Villa by the sea. Now that is some serious roast beef. Kacey Jordan’s big pussy lips completely fill the cup of the vagina pump as Sara pumps up her pussy bigger than ever before.

Kacey Jordan spreads her legs wide as Sara Jaymes pumps up her plump pussy with the vacuum vagina pump. Kacey's huge pussy lips completely fill the cup of the vagina pump.

Sara Jaymes squeezes Kacey Jordan's bulging shaved pussy after she pulls off the vagina pump. Sara jaymes moves in for a close up look at those fat, puffy shaved pussy lips of Kacey Jordan.

Kacey’s big, fat shaved pussy fills the pussy pump so full that the air valve actually is inside her juicy vagina. After the extreme vagina pumping Sara moves in to lick those massive labia. Some serious pussy pinching, squeezing and stretching finishes up these fantastic samples from ALSscan Passion Paradise 2011 St John 6.

Kacey Jordan and Sara Jaymes kiss as Sara stretches Kacey's nasty pumped up cunt. Kacey Jordan pinches her big fat puffy shaved pussy.


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