Kacey Jordan & Shalina Devine Passion Paradise

Hot bitches in denim! Kacey Jordan and Shalina Devine are all dolled up and ready for action. Kacey in her white denim cut-off shorts and Shalina in her cute blue denim mini skirt.

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2011-083a-passion-paradise-kacey-jordan-and-shalina-devine 2011-083b-passion-paradise-kacey-jordan-biting-shalina-devines-nipple

The girls can’t keep their hand off of each others sexy bodies, even with their clothes on. You can only imagine what will happen once they strip nude in the warm Caribbean sunshine. My dick is already getting hard just thinking about what I would do if I ever got these two sexy bitches in my bed together. (I guess I can have Charlie Sheen fantasies, cant I?)

Kacey Jordan brushes Shalina Devine’s hair, then helps her off with her top and mini skirt. Shalina has great boobs, nice and meaty with just the right hang to them. Kacey sucks on her nipples, biting them with her teeth and pulling on them hard. She moves don to her pussy for a close inspection and some spreading and licking.

Now that Kacey Jordan is nude, Shalina returns the favor and eats Kacey’s fat, puffy pussy like a banana split. She brushes Kacey’s blonde hair and then turns the brush on her meaty cunt, fucking her hard and deep with the brush handle. Kacey is so wet, her pussy juices build up a white milky cream all over the brush.

Shalina needs to get off now. She props her leg up high on the outdoor counter, working her fingers in her ass. Before you know it she has her whole hand deep in her ass anal self fisting her tight bum. Kacey jumps right in and fingers her dripping wet pussy inserting her fingers and thumb deep up her vagina as she anal fists herself. This is some very kinky action for sure and it doesn’t stop there.

Shalina Devine cools Kacey off spraying her down with a squirt bottle of water. Once the bottle is empty, Shalina inserts the spray bottle between Kacey’s mondo labia and pushes it deep up her vagina. Almost the entire bottle disappears inside Kacey’s big, fat pussy. Just the round bottom of the bottle is showing between her big pussy lips. Both of these hot sluts had multiple orgasms during this kinky encounter. You can be sure, there is much more to cum from Passion Paradise 2011 for these two hot and sexy babes.


2011-083c-passion-paradise-shalina-devive-licks-kacey-jordans-ass-fucks-her-with-hairbrush 2011-083d-passion-paradise-shalina-devive-self-anal-fisting-kacey-thumbs-her-pussy

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