Jessie Rogers Fucked With A Rake Handle And Peeing Outdoors

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Brazilian Porn Star Jessie Rogers Fucked With A Rake Handle And Pissing

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Cute Brazilian teen girl Jessie Rogers is out in the yard raking leaves in her tight shorts, white hat and striped yellow tank top. She needs to cool down so it’s off with the tank top. Her perky little boobs look so awesome as she does her yard-work. That nice Brazilian booty looks so fucking nice in those tight shorts.

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Finished with her topless raking Jessie lays down on her blanket to remove her shorts. With her sexy legs lifted high, she slides her shorts off over her feet. Now naked Jessie lays in the warm sun and fingers her shaved teen pussy. Her big Brazilian booty is next on display when she kneels with her ass towards us and spreads her ass cheeks wide open with both hands. Look at that awesome shaved pussy and tight ass. Tell me you wouldn’t fuck that ass.

Jessie Rogers squeezes her boob as she fucks her shaved pussy with a rake handle.

Now she is horny and her pussy is dripping wet and ready. Jessie grabs her rake and inserts the handle deep inside her teen pussy. She fucks herself, massages her tits and pinches her nipples until she cums, collapsing on the blanket sexually satisfied. After a short rest Jessie Rogers needs to pee. We watch as she scoots her ass to the edge of her blanket, spreads her tight pussy with her fingers and shoots a strong arching stream peeing on the grass. Brazilian teen Porn Star Jessie Rogers with a big beautiful smile pissing in the great outdoors. What a great ALSscan scene!

Jessie Rogers smiles as she is peeing onto the grass.


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