New ALS Angel Sophia Knight Cucumber Masturbation

Sophia Knight is one of the Newest ALS Angels. Her 1st scene is a nasty cucumber pussy insertion and masturbation. Enjoy Sophia Knight, our Sunday Angel for this week.

Newest ALS Angels model Sophia Knight pulling up her dress, flashing her fresh shaved pussy.

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ALS Angels model Sophia Knight was an incredible photo and video shoot. It would be impossible for you not to fall in lust with this pretty blonde girl as soon as they meet her. Not only is she absolutely stunning, she has a fabulous and fun attitude that she kept up at the shoot from beginning to end.

We started one amazing scene with her where we were going to jam her vagina with as many pens, sharpies, and magic markers as she could take. She told us, “I don’t know guys I have a really tight pussy and I think I will be lucky to get 8 or 9 pens in there”. But as she got close to our standing record that was set by Laney Rose at 15. Sophia Knight decided she was going to blow that record away, working all the way up to 20 pens and markers.

Sophia was born in Scotland and has the sexiest accent to go with her fantastic body. She works hard and takes pride in her independence. She’s a true entrepreneur at heart, she runs her own website and is very proud of her success within the porn and adult modeling industry, especially making the cover of  “Playboy”.

Sophia Knight loves the fact that she gets paid to get nude and masturbate, but also enjoys men who aren’t afraid to get rough with her in bed. Sophia is 23 years old, stands 5′ 6″ tall, weighs 110 lbs, her awesome measurements are 34C-26-38 and she is all natural baby!


Sexy Sophia Knight nude, kneeling and inserting a big cucumber deep up her shaved pussy.

New ALSscan Model Gina Devine Self Fisting

New ALS model Gina Devine just released in the members section of ALSscan. This 1st gallery features Gina straining her smooth pussy, stretching her pussy lips, masturbating with a big long cucumber, self fisting her pussy and shoving a big juice bottle deep up her wide open vagina.

Gina Devine nude on the leather couch self fisting her shaved pussy from behind.

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Gina Devine is one of these nasty babes that is so naturally enticing, no man can ever resist the lure of her sensual spell. She is a small girl with incredible sexy curves, perky natural boobs, and can accomplish a variety of looks and styles. To top it all off, Gina is witty, fun and a pleasure to be around.

Brand new to ALSscan, Gina Devine loved our crazy sex toys and was game to try anything we could throw at her. She was absolutely the perfect ALS (All Ladies Shaved) model. We even picked Gina for a nude in public shoot in the busy downtown streets of Brno, Czech Republic. Despite having terrible luck with the weather for most of our trip, we finally caught a break from the cold and wet long enough to hit the streets with Gina completely nude, showing off her tits, ass and pussy in public for all to see. These public nudity shoots are very exciting and risky, and Gina Devine got a real thrill out of it.

This 23 year old babe started shaving her pussy at 13 years old and lost her cherry at 15. She likes guys with good character, who can satisfy her in bed, without regard to looks. Gina enjoys dancing (including pole dancing), having sex and partying in her time off from porn modeling. Gina is a very tiny girl at 5′ 3″ tall and weighing just 101 pounds. Her sexy measurements are: 30A-23-32. Enjoy!


Gina Devine masturbating with a juice bottle deep up her cunt.

Madison Body Painted Lady In The Streets

Getting Madison naked in the streets is a good thing. Nude, body painted and exposing herself to the public, Madison had a blast showing off her amazing boobs, butt and smooth shaved pussy for everyone to see and enjoy.

Madison with a big smile on her face nude in public out on the streets body painted.

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You have to love it when the guys at ALSscan get a beautiful, shaved young lady out in the public streets, body painted and showing off everything she’s got for all to see as she goes about her business.

Madison getting her shaved pussy painted in this body painting scene.

This crazy ALSscan photo set includes 214 high resolution pics of gorgeous brunette Madison as she goes from totally nude, gets her top painted on over her nice medium sized tits and puffy nipples, then gets her booty and freshly shaved pussy painted in blue shorts.

Once she is all body painted, it’s out to the streets for some fun in the sun with this public nudity extravaganza. The guys are all loving the sights, their wives and girlfriends, not so much. Everybody took it in stride though as Madison cavorts about the streets posing with strangers, a mascot, then ordering and eating an ice cream cone. Her nice meaty pussy lips hang low as she squats down, spreading her legs and opening her pussy and ass for all to see.


Madison nude in public, body painted spreading her legs and pussy on the sidewalk.

Anal Workout For Aspen

Aspen in a nasty little anal slut. She loves her ass and she really loves taking it in the rear as you will see in this kinky workout scene.

Aspen pulls down her shorts and spreads her ass cheeks in the gym.

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A cute little spinner, Aspen is a sexy brunette girl with perky tits, a freshly shaved pussy, and she love her ass packed to get off. We find Aspen in the gym working out in her red sports top and white shorts. She strips as she works out, playing with her boobs and pinching her nipples. She spreads her ass cheeks, giving us a clear view of her tight little asshole and pussy from behind.

Once Aspen is nude, we clamp her tight pussy lips wide open as she spreads wide and fingers her fuck hole as we drool over her erect clit. Snapping the clamps off of her pussy, Aspen rolls over on the weight bench, spreads her booty and slides her little fingers in her tight little butt. Horny and ready, she grabs a big vibrator dildo and starts her anal fucking, working the dildo side to side and in and out of her tight ass. Her juicy pussy looks fantastic beneath her packed ass, pushing hard against the bench. She brings herself to a hard, quivering, anal orgasm as we move in for a close up view of her ass and pussy convulsions.

After Aspen’s nasty anal masturbation, assistant Blue Angel brings in the perple pussy spreader tongs to open up her juicy, wet, shaved snatch. Blue pushes Aspen back on the weight bench, inserts the tongs and opens her vagina hole wide open with the tongs. Looking down on her gaping pussy, Blue Angel sucks and flicks her tongue over Aspen’s clitoris until she cums again. Turning the purple pussy spreader tong sideways, Blue gapes Aspen’s vagina even wider as we look up inside her as Blue’s spit dribbles over Aspen’s clit and into her wide open pussy. Another fantastic and extreme shaved pussy and ass scene from ALSscan!


Face down, ass up, anal masturbation with a big vibrator dildo in the gym.

Faye Runaway Beer Bottle Bangin’

Faye Runaway is a dirty tattooed schoolgirl in her latest ALSscan scene. Tattoos, tiny tits, and a wide open shaved pussy.

Tattooed schoolgirl slut Faye Runaway pulls her panties up deep between her shaved pussy lips for a nasty camel toe.

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Faye Runaway is a voracious little slut. Her fantasy is to be bent over and fucked hard while getting a tattoo. Based on her many tattoos, maybe she has already lived that fantasy, maybe more than once. In her 12th and latest ALSscan scene, Faye is a dirty schoolgirl, ready to get naked and nasty in her room after some challenging homework. Feeling hot and horny, Faye takes off her mini skirt and works her white panties up her pussy slit making a naughty camel toe before she strips nude.

Faye Runaway nude, except for her fishnet stockings chugs some Captain Morgan rum to get a buzz. Now, feeling a little drunk, our teenage slut starts to masturbate, massaging her little boobs and fingering her wet teen pussy. Our ALS assistant warms her up, stretching her shaved pussy to the extreme, hanging on her labia as she stands over her, dripping pussy juices on the assistants chest and face.

Faye is ready for the big one. The big one in this case is a Corona beer bottle. This slut takes it like it’s nothing, pushing the wide end bottom of the bottle deep up her pussy. She fucks herself hard, holding the neck of the beer bottle and ramming her cunt with the bottle and fingering her clit until her knees buckle as she cums. Her ass looks amazing, bent over right in front of us as she masturbates with the beer bottle! This little Runaway knows how to party!


Faye Runaway bent over shoving a beer bottle deep up her shaved pussy.

Silvie Delux Hungry & Horny

Skinny tanned ALSscan babe Silvie Delux is hungry and horny. Shaved pussy and bananas make for a great masturbation scene with a very kinky girl.

Topless in her mini skirt, Silvie Delux eats a banana.

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Silvie Delux is out on the patio posing in her sexy halter top, mini skirt and heels. There is a tray of fresh fruit with bananas nearby that foretells what is to come. Silvie in long, lean, with a deep tan and she knows how to work that skinny body and get us hard. She teases with a bight white smile as she unties her halter top. Her tits are bigger than you would think for such a slim girl, nice and meaty with nice quarter sized nipples.

Now topless, Silvie Delux grabs a banana from the fruit tray. She sucks and licks the banana like a big cock, then slowly pulls back the peel with her teeth and feeds her hunger eating the banana as she massages her boobs and rubs her pussy under her mini skirt. Silvie Delux picks up another banana and strokes it against her snatch. Kneeling down, pulling up her mini skirt, Silvie pulls her panties to the side of her shaved pussy, inserting the banana deep up her juicy vagina. She thrusts her hips as she fucks herself with the banana until she moans with pleasure as she cums all over the banana and her hand.

Sexually satisfied, but still feeling kinky, she takes off her panties. Silvie Delux nude opens her shaved pussy with her fingers and stuffs her panties up her dripping wet pussy. She stuffs them deeper inside her vagina as she diddles her clit with her other hand. Our ALS assistant for the shoot, Eufrat can’t hold back any longer. She moves in between Silvie’s legs, eating her pussy as she tugs on her panties, stuffed deep inside her. Eufrat brings Silvie to another bucking orgasm as she sucks and licks her clit as she pulls her panties out of her quivering vagina. Another fantastic ALSscan scene featuring Silvie Delux nude and Eufrat jumping in for some lesbian muff munching.

Silvie Delux fucks her shaved pussy with a banana, standing up, lifting her leg up on the railing.

Dani Daniels Nude Shaved Pussy Inspection

Latest Dani Daniels nude shaved pussy scene from ALSscan. It’s rare to see @MissDaniDaniels with her pussy shaved, but she shaved off that bush for All Ladies Shaved.

Dani Daniels nude with shaved pussy kissing her girlfriend on the massage table.

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This new ALSscan scene of Dani Daniels is amazingly hot and very nasty. Jeanie Marie helps Dani take off her shirt and shorts, then lays her out nude on the massage table for a heavy handed erotic massage. The girls make out as Jeanie squeezes and massages Dani’s nice boobs. When she hits that shaved pussy, her fingers go to work. Over onto her stomach and Jeanie gives Dani’s nice round ass a hard massage with her hands and the warm oil. Dani Daniels smiles big as Jeanie stretches her pussy lips and gapes her well oiled pussy wide open with her fingers.

Now it’s time for Dani’s extreme vagina inspection. Jeanie brings out the speculum, inserting it deep inside Dani’s cunt. She cranks it wide open, but can’t see Dani’s cervix as she opens her vagina as wide as she can. The ALSscan Rocket is the next tool for Dani’s shaved pussy. Jeanie Marie works the big Rocket between Dani’s pussy lips and pushes it full on into her vagina as deep as it will go. After pulling out the Rocket shaft, we see all of her inner vagina walls thru the clear tube, but still no cervix. Dani grabs her iPhone and takes some pictures inside her pussy to Tweet to her fans. Dani Daniels must have the deepest pussy in the world. We got as deep inside her pussy as we possibly could, but never found her elusive cervix.

Dani Daniels nude, shaved pussy opened wide with the ALSscan Rocket, inner vagina close up view.

Passion Paradise Fisting On The Beach

Franziska nude, Blue Angel nude, on the beach in the Caribbean getting naked and nasty in this latest ALSscan Passion Paradise scene.

Blue Angel and Franziska on the beach in their tiny mico bikinis.

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Blue Angel and Franziska are looking so hot and sexy on the beach, Blue in her yellow fishnet micro bikini, Franziska killing it in her hot pink micro bikini. Getting started with some lesbian, girl-girl kissing and heavy petting. The bikini tops come off and the bikini girls kiss, lick, and massage each others boobs. Franziska makes Blue Angels puffy nipples perk up until they are tight and hard. Let us see those pussies girls! Off with the bikini bottoms and the babes are now nude on the beach.

Franziska nude, Blue Angel nude, the sexy girls oil each others bodies with suntan oil until they are shinny and slippery. Blue angel bends Franziska over and slips the suntan lotion bottle between her wet pussy lips and pushes the bottle deep inside her juicy shaved pussy. She fucks her hard with the bottle until she shudders with a strong orgasm on the beach.

Now it’s Blue Angel’s turn to get off. Franziska kisses Blue as she rubs and fingers her well lubed cunt. Squeezing and massaging her puffy tits, Blue opens her legs wide as Franziska fucks her harder and harder, pushing her fingers and thumb deep inside her gaping pussy until her whole hand disappears inside her. Pulling her legs behind Blue’s head, Franziska stands over her and pile drives her with her fist, pumping her deep and hard until she cums. Another extreme and sexy ALSscan Passion Paradise scene on the beach in the Carribean!

On the beach nude Franziska fisting Blue Angel's shaved pussy deep.