Carli Banks Pissing Roadside

Busty Carli Banks pulls over to the side of the road to pee. She lifts her dress, squats in the grass as we watch her spreading her pussy pissing roadside.

Carli Banks pissing on the side of the road.

Carli Banks Opens Her Shaved Pussy Peeing By The Side Of The Road

When you have to pee, you have to pee. That goes for everyone including ALSScan models as we travel from location to location on our Caribbean trips. Carli Banks asked us to pull over to the side of the road to go. We let the cameras roll as she squatted next to the car and pulled up her white dress. Pulling her panties to the side Carli spread her shaved pussy lips wide open and let loose with a strong arching stream, pissing on the grass in front of her. This was a classic public peeing shoot with great up skirt pissing shots as busty Carli Banks relieved herself roadside in St John.

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ALSangels Carli Banks Gets The Pussy Spreader

I will never be able to get enough of Carli Banks.This girl is just a Dream Boat with her big natural tits, fabulous smile, young shaved pussy, and nasty girl attitude.

Today ALS Angels Carli Banks gets the sexual delight of the ALS Spreader tongs. She starts out looking cute and innocent in her little pink button up blouse and mini skirt with high heels. What a cutie pie she is. Carli unbuttons her shirt and flashes her right boob before taking off her blouse altogether. Her Natural big tits are so incredible. She doesn’t really have big puffy nipples, but they do have a little bit of puff to them. They are just perfect. Her ass looks so fine as she takes off her mini skirt.

Carli pulls up her sheer panties and makes a nice camel toe out of her shaved pussy lips. Awesome sight for sure. Then she turns around, bends over, and pulls her ass cheeks open as she looks over her shoulder with a big bright smile. Then its off with the panties so we can see that beautiful young shaved snatch.

Carli sits down on the couch and spreads her long legs open wide. Then she starts to rub her tight shaved teen pussy and clit. First she inserts one finger into her vagina and pumps herself. Then she adds a few more fingers and really goes to town finger fucking the shit out of her wet teen slit. After a good juicy finger fucking Carli Banks moves on to the highlight of the set, the infamous purple ALS pussy spreader tongs. What a wonderful sight to watch as she pushes the tongs deep inside her tight vagina. Once she gets the pussy spreader opened up wide, we get to see exactly what Carli Banks is made of. Internally anyway. We get to see every detail of the inside of her young shaved vagina. FANTASTIC!

Carli Banks And Jana Foxy Caribbean Bikini Pissing

We took some of our nasty, slutty models down to the Caribbean again this year for some crazy, wild sex fun at the beach. Carli Banks and Jana Foxy were two of the first to volunteer for the trip and boy were we happy to have them come along.

When we got to the hotel Carli and Jana put on their tiny micro bikinis and headed straight to the pool to get some sun. It was a beautiful very warm sunny day as usual in the Caribbean. I followed Carli and Jana down to the pool with my camera in hand ready to get right to shooting nasty pictures of these two babes.

Carli Banks looked so sexy and beautiful in her itsy bitsy yellow and white tear drop micro bikini. The little bikini barely covered her big natural tits and shaved pussy. Her ass looked wonderful as the thong bikini disappeared between her nice round butt cheeks. Jana Foxy looked equally as hot and nasty in her tiny red micro bikini. Her boobs are much smaller than Carli’s but she has awesome big puffy nipples. The two of them looked fabulous laying out in the sun having a few drinks as we all talked about the flight down. I took a few candid shots of them in their bikinis as we talked and drank. Jana was pounding down bottle after bottle of water like a fish.

Thing started to get wild when Jana reached over and pulled Carli’s bikini top to the sides of her big boobs. Carli giggled and laughed and returned the stunt exposing Jana’s tits and puffy nipples to the warm Caribbean air and sun. I snapped away as they played together and posed for me with their knockers hanging out of their bikinis.

Jana said that she was going to jump into the pool because she needed to pee really bad. Carli told her not to pee in the pool and told her to come over and piss on her. Jana quickly pulled off her tiny bikini bottom and ran over to where Carli was sitting on the pool deck. She sat down on the short retaining wall next to Carli, spread her legs wide open and put her fingers in her sexy shaved pussy. She positioned her petite body facing Carli. She pulled her fingers out of her wet pussy and started pissing all over Carli’s big natural boobs, stomach, hands, legs, and feet as they both giggled and laughed. Her pee flowed like a like a fire hose for almost a minute and totally drenched Carli’s sexy, nasty hard body. After the piss stopped flowing they started to deep french kiss each other passionately. The two of them made out for about a half hour before we went back up to our rooms to clean up and get ready to go out on the town.

ALS Angels Carli Banks Schoolgirl Fisting

ALS Angels babe Carli Banks is looking a little naughty in her schoolgirl uniform. She looks even naughtier when she unbuttons her white shirt and flashes her big natural boobs.

Carli Banks is a really nasty schoolgirl. She has incredible big natural tits with awesome pink puffy nipples. Her smooth shaved pussy is just as awesome. It is just a delight to look at Carli getting naked as she takes off her school girl plaid skirt, white button up blouse, and cute white seemed panties that made such a nice camel toe.

Once nude, Carli does some pussy and ass gaping, pulling her cunt and ass hole wide open for our pleasure. Just makes you want to eat that juicy pussy and spank that beautiful ass. She puts a finger in her mouth looking innocent as she pulls her shaved pussy lips open with the other hand.

Now that she is all stretched out and warmed up Carli gets ready to get fist fucked. In comes another girl that you never get to see fully, but my guess is it is Nella. She fingers Carli’s tight cunt as she lubes up her whole hand. First one finger, then two, then three, four fingers, then her thumb all disappear into Carli’s dripping wet cunt. Then finally she thrusts her whole hand into her pussy. She pumps her arm like a big giant cock as she brings Carli to a huge orgasm. Carli’s pussy closes right back up tight as the other girl pulls her hand out of her snatch after she cums. That is some bad ass nasty shit right there folks. Love it!