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Tight and tattooed blonde Bella Baby nude is bangin’ that shaved pussy with her hair brushes and a cool bottle of iced tea.

Bella Baby flashes her C-cup boobs in her cuttoff jeans shorts.Bella Baby Nude Hair Brush Double Penetration Pussy Bottle Insertion

One hot blonde deserves another. We already had one this week and I just couldn’t resist featuring another hot and nasty blonde babe, this time from ALSScan sister site ALS Angels. Wearing super tight and super short cutoff denim shorts, Bella Baby shows her tight shaved pussy crack with an incredible camel toe. She pulls down her tank top, flashing her nice natural C-cup boobs. She has perfectly suckable pink silver dollar nipples. She spreads her legs and those cutoff jeans shorts pull up even deeper in her pussy slit. Bella lifts her legs high as she pulls off her denim shorts giving a great view of her amazing ass and tight snatch. Bella Baby nude is a true beauty. This girl has lots of tattoos, but still has a sweet innocent look with her blonde pigtails and big sexy smile. Now that she is naked, Bella Baby starts to work her shaved pussy slit. She gapes her vagina wide open with her fingers as we move in close up for a view of her inner pussy hole. Picking up her hair brushes, you know what is coming and it is such a turn on to watch as Bella inserts the brushes deep in her tight twat for a double penetration fucking. Our blonde hotty finishes up with a cool bottle of ice tea. Bella inserts the bottle in her wet, juicy snatch and fucks herself to a strong orgasm. You have to lust after Bella Baby nude!

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Maryjane Johnson Probes Her Pussy

Nasty ALSscan girl Maryjane Johnson in her latest scene “Robe & Probe” gapes her tight shaved pussy with the ALSscan Rocket for a clear detailed inspection of her inner vagina and swollen cervix.

Nasty ALSscan girl Maryjane Johnson in her robe and panties with her perky little tits poking out.

Maryjane Johnson Tight Pussy Probed With The ALSscan Rocket

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Maryjane Johnson is looking spicy in her red velour bathrobe on the white leather sofa. Pulling up her robe, lifting her leg high and spreading you see her black and red cherry panties. When Maryjane opens her robe you can’t help but admire those perky little tits and hard nipples. She reaches down near her tattoos holding her belly as she pulls down her panties to expose her shaved slit. After stripping from her panties, Maryjane Johnson sits back on the sofa with the TV remote in her hand. After tuning the TV, she turns the remote on her pussy taking it deep inside. She masturbates, fucking herself with the TV remote control.

Maryjane Johnson nude admires the ALSscan Rocket as she warms up her pussy for a probing.

Finished fucking the remote, Maryjane stands and turns with her booty towards us. She reaches back with both hands and pulls her ass cheeks open wide, gaping her shaved pussy and ass from behind. Our ALS assistant Franziska is just itching to get at Maryjane’s snatch. She brings in the ALSscan Rocket and hands it to her. Maryjane checks out the Rocket, lubing up her pussy to get ready for the big probe. Franziska helps her insert the huge shaft deep in her tight vagina, then pulls out the center rod leaving Maryjane’s pussy gaping open all the way to her swollen cervix. Franziska gets up close and looks up inside Maryjane’s inner vagina then licks her clit. Maryjane stands over the camera and we get great shots right up her gaping pussy hole. Tits, tattoos and a tight shaved pussy!

Maryjane Johnson naked pulling the ALSscan Rocket from her tight shaved pussy hole.


Micro Bikini Slut Laney Rose

Here is one of the latest ALSscan galleries. Micro bikini slut Laney Rose puts on a shaved pussy gaping show with the ALSscan Rocket to rival our very best.
Petite micro bikini slut Laney Rose is rocking her little tits and shaved pussy in her sheer bikini.

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Laney Rose is a tiny petite girl at 5′ 2″ tall and a mere 105 pounds. She has cute little boobs and her measurements are 32A-24-31. You have to overlook her tattoos once you see just how much this little slut loves to gape her slick shaved pussy.

In this latest ALSscan gallery nasty Laney hits the deck in her tiny sheer micro bikini. She poses and gets all sexy on the lounge chair but she can’t wait to get her bikini off and get to the real kinky deep pussy action that we are waiting to see. First she takes off her bikini top to expose her cute little tits. No tan lines on this girl. Once she takes off her bikini bottoms, the extreme pussy action starts as she pinches and twists her shaved pussy.
Laney Rose nude bent over gaping her shaved pussy and ass.
Laney Rose really opens up and gapes her vagina wide with her fingers. On her hands and knees, she gets her head down low and arches her back for maximum gaping of her amazing pussy and she stretches her asshole wide with both hands. Her gaping hole looks so inviting. Now Laney is warmed up and horny as fuck. She demands more! We fill her cunt with the ALSscan Rocket, pushing it deep into her now wet and juicy vagina. When she pulls out the middle of the Rocket her inner vagina and bulging pink cervix are fully exposed for close up pussy inspection. We get her from behind and look right up her wet pussy and she slips a finger up her tight little ass. What a view of her gaping pussy and anal fingering. This slut is nasty!


With her cervix exposed through the ALSscan Rocket she fingers her asshole from behind close up.

Faye Runaway Beer Bottle Bangin’

Faye Runaway is a dirty tattooed schoolgirl in her latest ALSscan scene. Tattoos, tiny tits, and a wide open shaved pussy.

Tattooed schoolgirl slut Faye Runaway pulls her panties up deep between her shaved pussy lips for a nasty camel toe.

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Faye Runaway is a voracious little slut. Her fantasy is to be bent over and fucked hard while getting a tattoo. Based on her many tattoos, maybe she has already lived that fantasy, maybe more than once. In her 12th and latest ALSscan scene, Faye is a dirty schoolgirl, ready to get naked and nasty in her room after some challenging homework. Feeling hot and horny, Faye takes off her mini skirt and works her white panties up her pussy slit making a naughty camel toe before she strips nude.

Faye Runaway nude, except for her fishnet stockings chugs some Captain Morgan rum to get a buzz. Now, feeling a little drunk, our teenage slut starts to masturbate, massaging her little boobs and fingering her wet teen pussy. Our ALS assistant warms her up, stretching her shaved pussy to the extreme, hanging on her labia as she stands over her, dripping pussy juices on the assistants chest and face.

Faye is ready for the big one. The big one in this case is a Corona beer bottle. This slut takes it like it’s nothing, pushing the wide end bottom of the bottle deep up her pussy. She fucks herself hard, holding the neck of the beer bottle and ramming her cunt with the bottle and fingering her clit until her knees buckle as she cums. Her ass looks amazing, bent over right in front of us as she masturbates with the beer bottle! This little Runaway knows how to party!


Faye Runaway bent over shoving a beer bottle deep up her shaved pussy.

Malena Morgan Rides The ALSscan Rocket

The beautiful brunette Malena Morgan is back and feeling kinky as you will see in this nasty scene, fingering her ass and opening her sweet shaved pussy wide with the ALSscan Rocket.

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Malena Morgan is looking so hot and sexy in her tight denim shorts and plaid halter vest, her tattoos peeking out above the waistband of her shorts. Her all natural boobs look fabulous as she opens up her halter vest, letting them loose.

Malena’s ass is highlighted after she gets out of her denim shorts. She turns her back side to the camera and spreads her booty and shaved pussy wide open from behind. Lots of concentration on that amazing booty. Malena wets down her smooth, nude body with a spray bottle until she glistens in the sun light. Now feeling horny she starts to masturbate with the spray bottle, taking the top deep up her snatch.

Our beautiful assistant Sara Jaymes moves in with the ALSscan Rocket to get deep inside Malena’s vagina. She works the Rocket inside Malena’s pussy to it’s maximum depth with a pumping motion before she pulls out the center rod leaving her gaping vagina wide open and fully exposed. We get some great views right up her inner vagina, right to her bulging, pink cervix. Hotty Malena Morgan was dripping wet and so turned on being opened up to the max. So, so Kinky!!!!!!


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Faye Runaway ALSscan Breakfast For One

Here we have nasty blonde slut Faye Runaway in her latest ALSscan free pics gallery. She is showing just how dirty she can get in the kitchen at breakfast time.


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Faye Runaway come down to the kitchen for some breakfast in her shorts and tank top. She flashes her little tits, then gets a bowl for her cereal. She fixes her bowl of cereal topless as she shows off her pail tattooed body. She takes off her shorts and shoves her cereal spoon deep up her nasty cunt.

Standing up our trashy little slut lifts her leg and fingers her asshole close up and in your face. There are 317 high resolution pics in this set and Faye works her shaved pussy good as well as her slutty little ass. She finishes up this scene masturbating with some large kitchen utensils, taking them deep inside her wet pussy and gaping her cunt wide with the handles.



Classic ALSscan Remaster – Noel Tiny Tits Puffy Nipples

ALS did a great job of re-mastering the photo sets and masturbation videos of 18 year old Noel from 2003. Her shaved teen pussy is stretched wide open to her cevix with a metal speculum in this classic set. Get a load of those excellent tiny tits and fat puffy nipples. This remastered set was released on May 9th in the members area.


Quoted from ALSscan model bio:

“ALS Scan Exclusive!! Noel JUST turned 18 and you will only be able to see her here on ALS Scan. This cutie is simply amazing. Her body is rock hard and her tits are just budding. Her nipples were so puffy that we thought they were going to pop!

Lets see, where do we start…. Noel is a local girl who has big dreams of becoming a rock star. She plays guitar and is actually pretty good at it – Noel sat down and started playing us some Sublime. Her goal is to be seen by someone in the music business and be given the opportunity to tryout for a band. Can you imagine going on the road with this hottie??

Noel loves sex and is from what we call the new generation of girls. That is, we have noticed this trend where girls now treat sex as no big deal. She will have sex or give a blowjob just because she is bored or whatever. This is completely true!! If you just happen to be around then it could easily be your lucky day – just like that. So needless to say, Noel was TOTALLY comfortable showing off her body and playing with all of our toys. In fact, she was able to handle our larger toys. We are kicking off her first set where she takes the ALS Rocket with ease. Her entire shoot will blow you away for sure!! Noel has been waiting until she turned 18 to start showing off her body to the world – she has been dreaming of this day since she was 14 years old.

At 5’5” tall and weighing 105 lbs., her body just screams to get fucked. Lets talk about her tattoo for a minute. You know as a general rule we don’t select models with big tattoos.. However, this model was just so damn hot that we couldn’t turn her down. Apparently, one day several years ago, her friend needed some cash so Noel said, “Hey, for $20 bucks just give me a tattoo – how about right here?” That is how it happened – on a lark.

Noel has the most carefree, agreeable attitude that I think we have ever seen. She plays guitar almost all the time (when she is not having sex), and her favorite group is Sublime. When we asked her what her dislikes are, she said, “Well, I pretty much like everything.” Her fantasy is to be in a big rock band and tour the world. Noel first had sex at the age of 13 and started shaving as soon as she started getting hair. That is another trend that we are noticing – girls are shaving almost immediately now. Noel has no preference – she likes guys and girls equally. Noel basically did everything – ALS Rocket, speculum, fisting, large inverted bottles, lip pulling, peeing, etc. She did our best full fisting masturbation scene ever! Noel was so horny that she had to masturbate, so Katie offered to fist her. Noel said, “Sounds great. I have never been fisted before, lets rock!” She was so hot and juicy that she ended up taking Katie’s full fist repeatedly, all the way in and out….Amazing video that we will be adding to the member’s section soon, for a limited time only.

Noel’s measurements are 34A-24-34. As always, we are only going to release her best and hottest stuff in the ALS Scan Members Section.
Update: We caught up with Noel again for a new shoot and she had a different look with her hair. She still has those great puffy tits!”



Naughty Faye Runaway Does Some Gardening

Nasty young slut Faye Runaway is back for more nude fun and sex in the garden with ALS.


In her blue tank top and denim shorts it is obvious that Faye is not wearing any bra or panties. You can clearly see her shaved pussy lips as her shorts creep to the side of her puffy camel toe. She flashes her natural tits and light pink little nipples pulling her shirt down. She gets topless and continues her gardening.

Eventually Faye Runaway strips out of her tight denim shorts and gets completely nude. She puts on quite a show as she spreads her legs showing off her shaved snatch, tight ass, and all of her tattoos. After getting herself worked up and horny as hell Faye gets fucked hard by a guy with a strap on dildo strapped to his head. What a unique fuck fest.